Safety of online slots

If you are playing on a licenced online-casino4 , this means your slots are safe. This doesn't mean, however, that slots on unlicensed sites are not safe. Please continue reading.

What are licenced casinos?

Gambling websites that have received licences from their regulators are licenced casinos. Some regulators are the U.K. Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Curacao, etc.

How do you get licences?

Receiving a gambling licence is not easy because operators have to follow so many rules and regulations. Casinos must also ensure their slots are fair and transparent, and the results aren't rigged.

How to find the licencing information?

You can locate your casino's licence in the bottom part of the casino homepage. There, you can find out the licence number, its date of issue and your casino's registered address.

What is Random Number Generator?

This is a virtual computer that runs online slots and other online casino games. You'd be surprised to know that there is no human interference in the way your slot works.

The results are completely random, independent and unbiased. Nobody can change or manipulate these results. Therefore, you should trust your slots, particularly those that are on licenced online casinos.

Who monitors Random Number Generators?

Your online casino does not monitor its Random Number Generator. That job is done by trusted, third-party auditors like eCogra. This means that your slots are transparent and fair all the time.

Resolving disputes regarding online slots

If you are dissatisfied with your online slots, you can approach an independent body for dispute resolution. You can find this body's address on your online casino's homepage.


Your earnings are perfectly safe because your online casino is encrypted. This means that all your personal information is secret and cannot be seen by hackers and cybercriminals.

What is SSL technology?

Many online casinos work on SSL technology. Here, the data travels under a secure and virtual tunnel. This is an added feature of casino security. Therefore, trust your slots.

SSL in websites

Does your online casino have and SSL certificate? If it has HTTPS in the URL, this means it indeed has the SSL certificate. Nevertheless, you should still bet carefully on your casino.

Betting carefully on slots

Never wager money while using public Wi-Fi. While your slot might be secure because of SSL technology, using public Wi-Fi can expose your payment information to hackers. Use private Wi-Fi instead.

What are some important things to consider on slot safety?

Always play on slots that are reviewed and tested by trusted third parties. Never gamble while you are drunk and spend money within your limits. In short, gamble resposnibly.